Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 38

Boom, chapter 38. Ok, lol, time for me to start packing. Folding is overrated, just shove crap into a bag and jump on it for the win. I was planning on doing a delayed release for a christmas surprise but meh, might as well just post it now.

DDL: Chapter 38

OMR: Chapter 38

Fujimura-kun Mates Oneshot chapter 4

So, here goes another chapter. Going on a holiday for christmas, so expect another release pretty soon before I leave.

DDL: Oneshot chapter 4

OMR: Oneshot chapter 4

Fujimura-kun Mates Oneshot Chapter 3

And another chapter is completed. The next chapters will be the actual first 3 chapters of the series, but I’m just going to call them oneshot 4,5,6.

DDL: Fujimura-kun Mates Oneshot Chapter 3

OMR: Fujimura-kun Mates Oneshot Chapter 3

Fujimura-kun Mates Oneshot chapter 2

Slightly shorter chapter. But hey, I had fun. Thankfully, I only had a weekend to play TOR so I wasn’t too distracted, back to skyrim now lol. Mainly focused on trooper and Sith inquisitor. Managed to do instances as both, became the heal bitch as usual lol. Love the lightning on the inquisitor, but being able to do a ranged basic attack as a trooper is pretty awesome. Save my ammo for healing because ppl really can’t stay out of fire. Had to solo until everyone ran back cause they all died from the fire and I ran out of force. Not sure if I’ll get the game, but it’s effectively KOTOR 3 +multiplayer so that’s cool.

Anyway, links below.

Edit: Thanks to myskaros who has better eyesight than I do XD. We now know that on pg. 9, Fujimura has plain clothes equipped. (underneathe Tsukkomi) V2 up now, sorry to the 70+ppl who dl-ed earlier one.

DDL: Fujimura-kun oneshot Chapter 2

OMR: Fujimura-kun oneshot Chapter 2