Fujimura-kun oneshot 1.1

So I’ve finally gotten around to a release, in like a month… lol. Should have been earlier, but SKYRIM!!! Just showed that bitch Nazeem not to mess with the dragonborn. Worth it. I saved before I killed him just so I could do it again.

So anyway, as promised, the earlier oneshots that I missed. Here’s 1 of 6. For better or worse, I’m just going to name them 1.1, 1.2 etc. I know that’s not exactly right but whatever, they’re after 1 and before 4, deal with it. Also lol, TOR, why are you only giving beta invites now…. :S Better than nothing I guess.

DDL: The house of the FUJIMURA

OMR: The house of the FUJIMURA