Further explanations

Hey guys, sorry for the long break. Just started college again and was busier than I expected. Was slowly working on pages XD. Finally got around to reading the site. Nice to know that some other group has managed to pick it up. On a better note. I picked up volume 4 from Kinokuniya recently and that has chapters up till 43. I’ve got the GANGAN online raws for 44 so we’ve finally got an unbroken stream of jap raws!!! Well, anyway since extras has started work on the series, I might pass along the ch44 raws to them if they need it as I’m not sure if anyone else has them yet.

I’ll probably work on the one-shots for Fujimura that I haven’t done yet in my spare time since I’m assuming extras will be continuing on from where I left off, would be nice to have it complete. I’d insert a pic about procrastination in here but I’ll look for that later. XD Also, volume 4 for Aku no Hana is finally out. (Remember that one? ^^) I’ll try and get something done on that end too… Expect glacial progress.