Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 40

It’s pretty late and I’ve got to get up early tmr so no preview pic. Happy Chinese New Year! Or Lunar new year I guess, whatever.

Aren’t you guys glad I don’t use megaupload or uploaded.to(for our dear US brethren), and of course now, filesonic as well -_-. Let’s hope mediafire stays safe.

DDL: Chapter 40

OMR: Chapter 40

Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 39

Ugh, pretty late at night. Thought I’d just finish this anyway. So, there you go, chapter 39. 40 hopefully coming before CNY, when the year of the dragon starts.

Also, gonna reach the 1000 comment soon! Let’s see who gets it.

Edit: Was going to mention this in the next release but might as well do it now. 1000th comment poster is……. DarqReborn!!! Congrats. you win… um… well, don’t really have anything prepared. Have a cookie. XD

DDL: I neeeeeed to sleeeeep

OMR: I really really need to sleep