I’m back

Came back from a trip over the weekend to Macau for a wedding. Was a pretty fun trip. Casino’s were pretty lively but I didn’t really have the spare cash for gambling… lol. Anyway, after about 3 weeks, I’ve finally gotten back my desktop from Acer… It’s in pretty decent shape but the wireless adapter I have sucks balls so the pic I was going to upload isn’t going anywhere.

Anyway, I’ll be busy tomorrow but barring any unforseen trouble, there should be a chapter done by early Saturday.

Also, finally watched madoka 11&12…. freaking awesome

Aku no Hana Chapter 15

Twilight... next chapters gonna be new moon lol

Sorry about the delay. Part of it was because I sent a semi old desktop for repair and I was hoping to be able to do the chapter on it. I was supposed to get a reply a week ago but they inexplicably added a digit into my phone number and thus couldn’t contact me… -_-” So, the PSU and hard drive are dead and that should take 2-3 days to fix, or so they say. Of course, the stuff in the hard drive is lost too… Freaking hell,what is it with me and data loss…

Anyway, personal ranting aside, I’d really like to do the next chapter on the desktop so the next release is probably going to be towards the weekend.  Of course, if it somehow takes longer, I’ll just go ahead and do the chapter on the laptop anyway…

Also, Akismet finally actually caught some spam after all those other false positives… Congratulations tramadol lol

DDL: Chapter 15

Aku no Hana Chapter 14

The Melancholy of Nakamura Sawa

So I just changed up the theme for fun, hopefully it doesn’t cause your eyes to bleed.

I found a VGA cable and hooked up my laptop to my monitor but that didn’t work out too well. There was flickering and after a while I just said fuck it and disconnected it.

Alright, I’m freaking hungry so here’s the chapter and Imma gonna go for my lunch now.

DDL: Aku no Hana Chapter 14

Good News Everyone!

Good News Everyone!

Alright, so I’ve finally managed to install photoshop back onto my old laptop, which after cannibalizing some ram sticks from other unused crap is running slightly smoother and cooler now. Still pretty slow though.

Also, thank you guys for all the kind words and well wishes ^^ I really appreciate it. House apparently was insured against natural disasters and all that other crap, but unfortunately, as seems to be the case in this crappy streak, burglary was not covered -_-”

Anyway, now that photoshop is installed, I just need to redo all the settings and other crap and I should be ready to start on the next chapter. But don’t worry, I probably won’t pull a SHAFT and release the next chapter on Walpurgis night…  -_-” However, with my awesome mouse dead (no idea why…) and a lolawesome 14.1″ screen, and me being busy arranging some crap on Friday, I will most likely be done with chapter 14 on Sunday or at the latest, Monday. The chapter might be done sooner if I can find a VGA cable lying around and this 6 year old laptop can crank up the rez.

And finally, Sket-dance anime is out, hell yeah. Awesomesauce…

Amusingly, I attempted to arrange a tautogram but I failed so here’s the next best thing.

Edit: Changed up the theme for fun… which of course ruined the fail “tautogram”. Bah… Next chapter coming soon anyway