Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 25

Wonder what the prez thinks about it

Lol, this was done earlier. Forgot to upload it cause I got derailed by some shit. Anyway, here you go.

DDL: Blue skies

Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 24


Addressed minor mistake I made in previous chapter in the credits. Omg, prez is winning the polls, even beating out harem end. I wonder how much more of a landslide it would have been if the poll was for best girl.

DDL: Justice gets even less votes then lolhelmetdude

Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 23

She could be anywhere!

Wow, was just catching up on a lot of backlogged anime. Hanasaku and Stein’s, now I can’t get Tututu out of my head…haha.

DDL: Harem rule#1: Making sure everyone gets along…

Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 22

She's so cold

It was a pretty worrying start, when helmet guy was beating imouto in the polls. Hell, he’s still beating Justice lol. I wonder if we’ll ever get to know his name.

Anyway, here’s chapter 22. The conclusion of the event.

DDL: Happy end!?

Adding a poll just cause I feel like it

Yeah, read the title XD. Wanted to add some more options but I figured 6 was enough. Tried to change the poll to something more narrow and brown but for some reason it’s being a dick. Whatever.

Edit: And now it’s working, lol, I’m such a noob

Fujimura-kun Mates Chapter 21

It's already on the level of a reflex...lol

After a harrowing couple of hours, my HDD is alive again. Tentatively. Maybe goddess Madoka didn’t want to disappear into the the forgotten depths of my HDD. She still looks pissed though XD.

Anyway, I’ve written enough crap already. Here’s the chapter. ^^

Also, alternative credit pic

I at least try to make this blog worksafe XD

DDL: Mizuiro shimapan banzai!! 

FML why the fuck does this shit keep happening…

Chapter 21 was done. Unfortunately, my backup drive decided to fuck up and die. Well, it’s not really a backup so much as an external HDD. Regardless, my Western Digital 2TB drive has inexplicably decided to make heart wrenching whirring noises at constant intervals whenever I plug it in. Computer doesn’t recognize it either. What the hell man, it’s not even half a year old.

So now I’m really pissed. Apart from all the scanlating stuff, the drive also has stuff I backed up from the laptop that got stolen. Damnit, I should have transfered all the stuff to the desktop and kept 2 copies….. Technology, why hast thou forsaken me!?

Expect some delays. Looks like I need to add a category called ORZ…

Edit: Fuck yeah. After copious amounts of praying, swearing, unplugging, replugging, restarting and the occasional “why the fuck aren’t you working damn it” shake of doom, my HDD is working again. At least for the time being. I’ve copied everything onto my D drive just in case. Further research online also revealed that my particular drive is fine for backing shit up but wasn’t designed for constant use and access -_-” OTL…… Whatever, anyway, expect the next chapter very soon.

P.S: I’m inclined to think that it was the crazy ass shaking that did the trick…lol

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