Life’s a bitch

Life’s a bitch and shit happens when you least expect it. Became a victim of a home invasion burglary today. Woke up to the sight of a knife in my face and dragged by the hair to the toilet. As i’ve mentioned before, backup your fucking files because you never know when shit like this is gonna happen. My laptop got taken, my hard drives are safe so there’s that. All my scanlating stuff I’m currently working on is in the hard drive, but almost everything else is lost for the past two weeks.

Also lost a absurd amount of cash and other crap, including my iphone4. For some reason, my old phone(3G) was next to it but was left alone, as was this iPad I’m currently using -_-“

For some people who are complaining about how Kasuga should grow a pair etc. (myself included) I can safely say that while it is all good and easy to talk while everything is fine, under extreme duress, I can say that it is totally understandable for someone to freeze up or do some stupid crap. I myself just went and thought I’d better not try to fuck around with these guys and stayed very quiet the whole time. Was it the best choice? I don’t know, it would have been the safest choice for the meanwhile. But, they were probably also scared as well, and maybe some hysterical screaming would have caused them to leave earlier, or maybe they’ll like how cooperative we’ve been and thus decide to come again… Not like there’s much left anyway ffs… Regardless, it’s time for a security upgrade and no more leaving random crap lying around even in my own room.

I’ve got a spare laptop but that’s more than 6 years old and I have some doubts about Photoshop running smoothly on it… Will give it a shot anyway.

I would only wish that this was an early April fools day prank/troll done but sadly this is not so… Lol, if this happened then, I probably would have thought it was some prank and then someone would get chopped up….haha.

Anyway, it would appear that the heavens are saying fuck no to back to back releases and screwing with me. So, the next release will come when I’ve manage to sort through the wreckage left… In some ways, it’s just like the tsunami, in just a brief moment, you’ve lost almost everything… Thankfully, none of us have been injured and our house is still standing. Sense of security has been broken but who needs that anyway? Lol….sigh…

So remember to be careful guys, life is a prison and you don’t want to drop the soap.

Aku no Hana Chapter 13

Volume 3 start!!!

So, back to back releases… Hopefully that went well. Just watched Hen-zemi. That was pretty fun.

Anyway, earth hour was yesterday. Hope that you weren’t one of those people who were really psyched about it and went on a drive somewhere to gather up or lit up a bunch of candles when you turned off the lights -_-”

DDL: Aku no Hana Chapter 13

Aku no Hana Chapter 12

And so, volume 2 is completed sloppily but at least the extras have been done as well. As I’ve indicated in the credits page. One volume to go and volume four probably isn’t due for another 3-4 months or so I’m guessing. Might pick up a new project or something… don’t know yet. I’ll just have a look around for something nice.

On a hilarious note, in mangafox, Aku no Hana’s categories has been updated to include smut… wtf? -_-” And in the description, they still spell Kasuga as Kusuga… Meh, gave me a short laugh.

So enjoy your weekend guys, batch download for those who care coming when I get back later.

DDL: Aku no Hana Chapter 12


Awesome, mangafox page has been changed ^^ Also, here’s the batch for vol.2. Nothing different, just has everything dumped into a single folder.

DDL: Aku no Hana Volume 2

Aku no Hana Chapter 11

AnH ch11

Thanks for all the well wishes. Starting to be able to chew on that side of my mouth now so that’s awesome. Anyway, here’s the chapter, was a quick one since all the cleaning for this volume I’ve already done in advance. Less than an hour since Kasuga wasn’t bitching all the time XD Would have had this earlier but I was translating an article for my aunt and mom.

It was this beauty article thingy… Thank fucking god I know chinese or that would have taken fucking ages. The amount of kanji was one thing but no furigana = lol… and I still don’t have a proper dictionary yet -_-” But still, the best bits were stuff like 怪我… I was staring at it thinking wtf… Cause that basically means blame me in chinese… After painstakingly using the online dictionary… i find out it’s けが(kega) which for those of you who watch anime probably recognise it as wounds/injury…. Which when you think about it in a way kind of makes sense…. I suppose…. first kanji can mean weird/strange/abnormal and the second, self. So you combine the 2, I suppose you can end up with abnormality on self… omg, I’m wounded! I also learned that your smile/laugh line are also know as nasolabial folds… yeah….

Another facepalm moment was with katakana. I used to get flak for this back when I was learning jap. There were 3 of us. There was one guy who was really good with the kanji but slightly weaker with the rest. Then another, who didn’t know chinese but could do the rest. Then me, who sucked ass at reading words in katakana…. Oh, I can read the words just fine… I just for some inexplicable fucking reason, have trouble putting it together in my head to form the english word… I’m like… Buriji… buriji…..oh Bridge!!!! lol…. Freaking embrassing… Yes, after all this time, I still suck… Worst one was sutaba(スタバ) I was staring at that for ages thinking what the fuck that meant… I was like stabber? No that’s not right… Dictionary gave me Stavanger…a city in Norway OTL… Wasn’t until I finally moved on to the next sentence when I saw barisuta(バリスタ) I was like omfg you are shitting me… starbucks?!!!! This is a fucking article about some beautifying technique shit and you manage to bring in starbucks!!! For those wondering about the context, it was something like the staff at the spas are called “shifu” just like how the servers at “STARBUCKS” are freaking called baristas….which is italian for bartender btw. Another unimportant piece of trivia brought to you by the tautological [craptastic scans]

Ok, so enough rambling, the upload’s actually done this time…. lol

DDL: So apparently スタバ = starbucks

Aku no Hana Chapter 10

AnH 10

Just had a root canal operation… Damn, toothaches really fucking hurt. Anyway, pain’s finally beginning to subside and I can probably get some sleep now. So without further ado, enjoy the chapter, only 2 more in this volume to go.

Oh lol, slow-ass upload speeds 500kbps… shouldn’t it be done by now -_-” Freaking hungry and sleepy and I can’t eat cause of the tooth… damn it

Awesome, it’s finally finished

DDL- Remember to floss…lol

Aku no Hana Chapter 9

Dancing elephants are cool-... I mean, AnH ch9

So another chapter is done. Like I was saying, in japanese, people tend to omit the subject if it’s pretty obvious. Like if you just watched a troupe of dancing elephants and went sugoi desu~! It’s really pretty fucking obvious that you’re talking about the elephants. Especially if you’ve already indicated the subject in an earlier sentence, most of the time you aren’t going to repeat it again. Essentially, since Saeki just popped in midway, what she heard was  Nakamura saying “I wanna fuck you Kasuga-kun” There’ll be a flashback later on and I’ll put in the version Saeki heard.

And I’m freaking happy about the next chapter. Everything is in a bubble or box. Fucking awesome. It’s really really annoying when the author puts text over an ear or hair…

Also I just remembered, all that fuu in the chapter just made me recall Hard Gay…lol If you don’t know who that is just google him, it’s safe… well the first couple of results anyway. Man that was a long time ago… still pretty hilarious though. Gonna go rewatch some old videos now

DDL: Dancing elephants fuuuu!

Aku no Hana Chapter 8

Aku no Hana Chapter 8

You just have to wonder if Nakamura planned on that in the first place… Scary shit… Anyway, I’ve been getting engrossed in and have been blazing through the saga of recluce. It’s really good fun. Just finished 5 and still got a lot more to go through. The books jump around a time period of more than a thousand years covering several storylines. The jumping reminds me of the first season of Haruhi. Of course, my bookshop doesn’t have the entire collection at once, but it has a cool automated kiosk search system and if you search for a book it doesn’t have, you can find the book in the store in a matter of days or a week. Pretty cool. As tempting as it is to read it in chronological order, I’m trying to follow the recommended publication order as close as I can manage. Inadvertently skipped around a bit and spoiled myself to the ending of the third book when a character mentions in passing what that guy did as part of a legend… lol.

Also, I tried scanning a manga I bought for fun, Comic Studio (こみっく☆すたじお) I’m getting readable scans, but they’re a little crappier than I’d like. Then again, this is craptastic scans… lol…. I might try doing a chapter of that since no one else is doing it and I can’t find any raws online. At least, so far. Please do enlighten me if i’m mistaken though.

Aku no Hana Chapter 8

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