Aku no Hana Chapter 14

The Melancholy of Nakamura Sawa

So I just changed up the theme for fun, hopefully it doesn’t cause your eyes to bleed.

I found a VGA cable and hooked up my laptop to my monitor but that didn’t work out too well. There was flickering and after a while I just said fuck it and disconnected it.

Alright, I’m freaking hungry so here’s the chapter and Imma gonna go for my lunch now.

DDL: Aku no Hana Chapter 14

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  1. MissingNo
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 04:42:42

    Thanks for the release! I wish you the best of luck in getting your things are getting back on track.


  2. AbZ
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 05:00:14

    Wooo thanks


  3. MaRz
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 05:19:24

    thanx for the chap man, liking the new theme


  4. frubam
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 07:00:42

    I just started reading this today(tonight actually) after randomly reading the synopsis on BU. DL’ed the first chapter and couldn’t put it down since. VERY enjoyable read. Frankly, I’ve enjoyed Nakamura’s blackmail scheme and her verbal, psychological, and occasional physical abuse towards Kasuga(and her enjoyment while doing it), but Saeki actually falling for his ‘true self'(rather than her typically being completely oblivious the entire/a long time) gave the story another great angle to work with. I can’t WAIT for the next chapter to see what’s going to happen X03.

    BIG thank you for scanlating/translating this series, and continuing with it despite the incredible setback you’ve incurred m(_ _)m.


  5. crazyanimegyrl
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 09:32:49

    Heyas! 😀 Thanks for the upload. *two thumbs up!* The new theme is interesting.


  6. Meatpie
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 09:48:35

    Thanks for the chapter man, theme looks great by the way.


  7. blackpooza
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 14:01:48

    thanks for doing this superb series


  8. Ryner
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 15:00:00

    Thanks for the new chap!


  9. Wai Yin
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 17:18:42

    Thanks for the chapter!


  10. Chore Boy
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 22:31:47

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Holy shit, I just read how you were burglarized (I don’t get on the internet much). That really sucks ass. Sorry to hear it. When I lived in Florida, something similar happened to me, except the people had guns. Luckily, I was painfully poor and had no assets. Unfortunately for me, they were not happy, so they stole most of my clothes, including what I was wearing, whooped my ass, and pistol whipped me, all while I was naked. That sucked pretty bad :p


  11. Fuin
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 09:50:43

    You’re awesome, did you know that?


  12. Kurz
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 19:28:19

    Hooray! ^_^ Gosh I enjoyed this so much!


  13. Liquid
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 05:53:49

    Wow i love this so much, thank you.


  14. CaFe-Nii
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 06:35:20

    Orgasmicly awesome chapter. Thank you so much!


  15. Felippe
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 00:42:37

    Ahhh, I need the next chapter soon. Need to inject it into my veins!


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