A public service announcement from your neighbourhood scanlator ^^

Back up your files right now!!! Preferably at least once a week. My laptop’s started to go crazy again… Multiple random freezes and a BSOD. All this happening after I just replaced a failed hard disk less than a month ago… My laptop isn’t even a year old yet, sigh.

The random freezing and forced reboots have appeared to have stopped now but this means that I wasn’t able to work on the scanlating at all today. On the bright side, I got some reading time and I finished the sequel, Imager’s Challenge. Not sure if I’ll be able to wait for the paperback edition of the next installment, I’ll probably end up getting the hardcover sometime soon.

Anyway, what this means is a slightly delayed release possibly around Wednesday or maybe Tuesday night if nothing goes wrong.

tl;dr- life’s a bitch, always backup your files. also, update coming on tuesday night/wednesday

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